The 100 Mile Club

Join us as we celebrate and honor individuals who have impacted our lives in so many ways.

We are encouraging everyone to get out, be active and stay healthy.  From the date you sign up you have 6 months to complete our challenge and become a member of the 100 Mile Run Club.

1.  Racers will receive a fully customized race bib.  Athletes will upload a photo/ photo's honoring those whom they are running for.  These images will be integrated into your custom race bib.

2.  Racers will also receive a customized race medal.


3.  Upon completion of the challenge you will receive your exclusive "100 Mile Run Club" Tech Shirt

4.  Racers will receive a Thank You letter with Sponsor Discounts

Racers, once you have completed your challenge, we encourage you to upload a photo with your bib, medal and t-shirt.  We also want to hear your story and/or how you are progressing toward your goal.  These will be posted to our Facebook - Social Media outlets.

Event details and schedule


Enjoy the flexibility of running toward your 100 mile goal at your desired location and best of all when you want to.  You have 6 months from the date you sign-up to complete your 100 mile journey.

Submit one of the following to document your journey:

1.  Your Garmin/ Strava links to your various runs.
2.  A photo of you running with a picture of your watch / run times.
3.  Your name will be added to our Race Results page in recognition of your accomplishment.

We would also love to hear your story.  Shoot a video on your i-phone or smart phone and send it to: chris@urun4race.com

All stories will be posted to our Social Media Accounts.

Have fun and stay Healthy !!

Who Do URun4?

Who do URun4?  You have a reason for running and we want to hear your story and feature you on our website! 

Record your video, upload it to YouTube and e-mail us the link! 



Connecting on an emotional level with people while they Run With Purpose in this Virtual Run Series.  

Through a 5k run, URUN4 offers an opportunity to emotionally connect your brand with a unique set of customers who share in celebrating personal accomplishments, while remembering those who inspire them. 
Direct Sponsorship inquiries to todd@urun4race.com

Interested in Volunteering?

Call us at 217-316-0172 or leave us a message:

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